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Key factors determining tile line production capacity

Key factors determining tile line production capacity

Update Time:2021/12/25

In production and manufacturing, the key factor to determine the production capacity of corrugated production line is the "average rate". At this stage, many carton equipment manufacturing enterprises have chosen a new control system to enhance the distribution and application of power engineering in tile line production and manufacturing, and compare the types of tile lines. High speed corrugated production line can easily achieve the same production capacity without frequent rate changes in production and manufacturing, can save 20% of electromagnetic energy consumption, and greatly reduce the unqualified rate in production and manufacturing, greatly reduce the kinetic energy and material consumption in production and manufacturing. The smooth operation of the tile line ensures that the quality of the manufactured cardboard is consistent. It is worth mentioning that the application and maintenance cost of corrugated production line is very low, which improves the return on investment of machinery and equipment. Selection of integrated operation panel and industrial touch screen and other intelligent systems and personalized design scheme, make the actual operation of tile line more visualized and simple, strong to reduce maintenance costs and labor costs.


The key to pay attention to the corrugated production line equipment steam running, emission, leakage and the adjustment of the machine and equipment. Repair, equipment department according to the machine equipment application problems to formulate detailed maintenance plan and implementation. Among them, the daily maintenance of machinery and equipment is very key and also a way with less capital investment and less cost, but the actual effect is good. On the one hand, it can increase the service life of mechanical equipment and maintain all normal and stable operation, on the other hand, it also reduces the probability of equipment failure, and the occurrence of non-defective products, and also saves capital investment, which is to reduce the cost of tile line. Also pay attention to the effective inventory of spare parts of machinery and equipment, not only to reduce the asset occupation, but also to ensure immediate maintenance, to ensure production and manufacturing.
The application of corrugated production line manufacturing intelligent management system to control the product cost, can be more accurate statistical analysis of tile line productivity, complete the production line speed at the same stage, reasonable waste reduction. The selection of automatic paper machine to pick up paper, will greatly reduce the consumption of original paper, and can improve speed, improve productivity. It is rarely necessary to install an automatic paper feeder at the front of the plywood process if cost is considered.
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