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What is corrugated cardboard production line?

What is corrugated cardboard production line?

Issue Time:2021/02/08
Corrugated board production line

Corrugated board production line

The abbreviation of the corrugated board production line is a streamlined operation line composed of corrugated rolls, gluing, bonding, dividing and pressing, cross-cutting into specifications cardboard, and finally yard output.
The corrugated board production line consists of two relatively independent process sections, wet end equipment and dry end equipment.
Among them, the wet end equipment mainly includes base paper trays, automatic paper splicing machines, preheating pre-adjusters, single-sided corrugating machines, paper flyovers, glue spreaders, double-sided machines, etc. The wet end equipment makes the corrugated base paper into three, five and seven layers of corrugated cardboard with different flute type combinations.
Cadre equipment mainly includes rotary cutting machine, slitting and creasing machine, cross-cutting machine, stacking machine, etc. The cadre equipment performs slitting, creasing and stacking of corrugated cardboard according to the order requirements.

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