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Corrugated board production line

Corrugated board production line

Issue Time:2021/09/11

Production lines are diverse and can be seen everywhere in production and life. All the sequential labor work in production and life is connected by equipment or people, and the continuous production process is called flow operation, and these connecting equipment is the production line. We say the full name of the production line corrugated board production line, referred to as tile line. China's tile line started late, technology starting point is low, compared with Japan about 30 years later, compared with the United States about 100 years later. China's equipment from the original electric heating, liquefied natural gas (natural gas) heating, heat conduction oil heating to the present steam heating, electromagnetic heating, microwave heating and so on. The speed has gone from six meters per minute to four to five hundred meters per minute. The width of the door has increased from 0.5 meters to 3.3 meters. Structure from the original wire guide paper to guide paper, to vacuum adsorption guide paper, vacuum cover type adsorption guide paper, positive pressure type air cushion guide paper. Electronic control from the initial manual adjustment to the later electric adjustment, and now the computer high-precision adjustment. Most people say that the tile line we produce is Taiwan technology, in fact, it is not, those are just history, our production technology actually comes from Japan, like now Taiwan Mingwei and other well-known enterprises still maintain technology docking with Japan, still from time to time to visit Japan. Take actual experience as an example :(luoyang state-owned mitsubishi 1986 line......) . At present, the market famous tile line brands are Taiwan Mingwei, Taiwan Xie Xu, Taiwan Moist, Xijiang Zhaoqing, Kunshan Xie Yang, Hubei Jingshan, Guangdong Zhenyuan, the United States ma GUI, Germany BHS, Switzerland Bobst, Italy Fosber, Japan Mitsubishi countless. Among them, Guangdong Zhenyuan is a dark horse that has just been killed in recent years. With the coming out of its product "Speedmaster 400", it said that it would do huawei of tile line industry. He did not know that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (a military company that makes tanks and artillery for the army) had been driving at 450 meters per minute on the fifth floor for years. Japan's technology is higher than ours, which has to be admitted, (such as high-speed rail, aircraft screws, etc.), as the core components of Taiwan's many watt lines are still processed in Japan, such as crosscutting shaft, etc. In fact, said so much is nonsense, no matter what brand of tile line is nothing more than cadres and wet part of the two parts, which is composed of the wet part by the base paper rack, preregulator, single-sided corrugated machine, paper feeding bridge, glue machine, double-sided machine and so on. Cadres by cutting machine, longitudinal cutting indentation machine, transverse cutting machine, stacking machine and other combinations.

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