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Automatic stacking machine for clearing waste board on platform

Automatic stacking machine for clearing waste board on platform

This equipment is a practical and new type of high-efficiency auxiliary equipment for circular die-cutting and printing presses with die-cutting. Its functions include paper receiving mechanism, vibration cleaning mechanism, automatic alignment mechanism and automatic output of cardboard points. Man-machine interface operation, digital display speed regulation, microcomputer display, simple, fast, reliable and precise control mode, automatic paper receiving, automatic counting, automatic stacking output, average stacking speed: one open one: 0-300 sheets/min, one open Ten: 0-150 sheets/min.The paper receiving mechanism includes a driving shaft fixed on the frame, and a conveying wheel linked with the driving shaft through a belt. A waste-removing high-strength conveying belt is superimposed on the conveying wheel. The output of the conveying wheel is equipped with an automatic alignment mechanism and an automatic alignment mechanism. A cardboard transfer and output mechanism is arranged directly below the cardboard. This machine has a small footprint, low cost, low energy consumption, neat stacking, long service life, and convenient operation. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection are our highest pursuits.

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